Reason 1: When you go to a hair salon, the first thing your hair dresser should do is listen carefully to what you are looking to get done. It is never acceptable if your hair-dresser does something you didn't tell him/her. These signs could be that the person is not experienced, was not listening to what you were asking, does not care enough for the client's need and is just looking to be done soon. The hair-dresser should always have a close relationship with you to fully understand what you like and don't like. 

Reason 2: If you're in to get a hair trim it should always be a "trim", many hair dressers end up cutting about a quarter of a person's hair leaving clients unhappy with the results. A self-respected hair-dresser should always care to have the client's trust and give advice if the hair needs more trimming but should always ask before proceeding. This goes with hair coloring too; if you're unhappy about the way your hair is turning out every-time you visit your hair dresser then those are signs that he/she is not caring or not listening to your desired look. 

Reason 3: The most important thing your hair dresser should do is LISTEN. A hair dresser that gives his/her full attention to the client will go a long way in meeting and sometimes exceeding a client's expectations. Is your hair dresser paying attention to your needs? 

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